Special amenities

Business Club Restaurant

Business Club restaurant is located on the mezzanine level of the "Apartmani" building. Tenants and their guests can enjoy the flavours of international and domestic cuisine in the pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant. This attractively designed space is an ideal venue for a business lunch, a cocktail party or for organizing banquets and promotional activities. 


Working hours: Monday - Friday  8 - 17h
Tel: +381 11 222 30 47


Restaurant "Mala Kula"

This self-service restaurant offers varied and freshly prepared meals at affordable prices. Due to its efficient service and relaxed ambience, it is the perfect choice for a quick lunch break or an informal business meeting.

Working hours: Monday - Friday 8 - 16h 
Tel: +381 11 222 30 44


Underground garage

The business complex has a common underground garage with 210 parking spaces. A ramp at the entrance to the garage ensures high safety of vehicles, while full comfort to tenants is provided by lifts going directly from the garage to the desired floor.


Working Hours: Non-stop



Car Wash

A fully equipped car wash service is located in the underground garage of the complex.

Working hours: Monday - Friday 8 - 17h, Saturdays 9 - 14h
Tel:  +381 11 222 30 45



Access 24 hours, 7 days a week

Banca Intesa



Fitness Studio

Fitness Studio is located on the mezzanine level of the “Apartmani“ building. The studio offers various training programs and it is equipped with the latest fitness equipment.

Working Hours: As agreed with clients.
Tel:   +381 11 222 30 39
Mob: +381 65 312 66 99


Dry cleaning

The dry cleaning service is located at the entrance to the underground garage. It offers high-quality dry cleaning, washing and ironing services at affordable prices.

Working hours: Monday-Friday 8 - 17h

Tel: +381 11 222 33 77
Mob:  +381 60 019 95 25




The store, situated at the ground level of the “Apartmani” building, offers a wide assortment of newspapers and magaizines, beverages and sweets.

Working hours: Monday - Friday  8 - 16h

Tel: +381 11 222 30 44