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Your access to our website is subject to the terms of website use and the privacy policy, as well as the applicable regulations of the Republic of Serbia regulating this field.

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NBGP Properties keeps the privacy of all visitors to this website and protects personal information of the visitors (hereinafter: visitor and/or website user).


 Use of information

All internet users can visit Delta Business Properties website without any limitations and in line with the terms of use without disclosing any personal information. All information we collect is used in order to facilitate the use of the website as well as to prevent abuse and unlawful activities regarding the presentation.

We collect solely the information about the use of the website such as the number of downloads of some databases, the number of users per day, the number of viewed pages, and IP computer addresses. This information is collected without individual identification although IP addresses may be used in the event of preventing abuse and unlawful activities. We use this information in order to improve our website presentation and provide the most relevant experience possible to our users.


 Collection of personal information

In case we ask you for some other personal information, we will also ask for your approval  (e.g. via an online form or e-mail) in the form of an official Consent and inform you about the process and purpose of collecting such information.

Personal data you give us or we access via this website will be used solely for replying to your questions and/or for improving our services, for notifications about offers, as well as for additional information and current news that may be interesting to you in relation to Company Delta Business Properties d.o.o. Belgrade.

We would like to emphasize that Delta Business Properties can collect personal information from website users solely in line with the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, No. 97/2008, 104/2009, 68/2012 and 107/2012), (hereinafter: the Law).


Access to information

All information you provide will be stored on our server and can be accessed solely by the persons authorized for data processing for the purposes listed in this policy or any other purposes you have approved of as website users.

Your data will be processed and stored as long as you give us your consent for it.


Use of cookies

Delta Business Properties website uses cookies when collecting data.

A cookie is a small textual piece of data sent to your computer when you visit a website. Cookies on Delta Business Properties website have a number of different functions and enable you to browse pages more efficiently, to save your favourite posts and contribute to a better experience of our website.

Our website can also use cookies which are not necessary for functioning. We do not use such cookies for monitoring the behaviour of some users or their identification but for acquiring useful knowledge about the way of using our website so that we can improve them further for our users.

If you do not want to receive cookies, you may adjust your internet browser in such a manner as to notify you when cookies are sent and you can also refuse the receipt of all cookies. Moreover, you can delete cookies which have already been placed in your computer.

Restricting or blocking cookies placed in your computer via internet browsers is performed by adjusting the browser settings. For more information you can visit, the website containing detailed instructions about this procedure in different internet browsers.


 Intellectual property rights

The complete content of Delta Business Properties website (all texts, logotypes, photos, audio content and video materials on this website) constitutes the copyright or ownership of Delta Business Properties or it has been placed on the website with the permission of the owner(s) and/or authorized holder(s) of intellectual property rights.

It is strictly forbidden to use the content without the owner’s written permission in any other manner except for the manner described in these terms of use.


Website functioning

Delta Business Properties does not guarantee that its website will function without any interruptions or errors, but it will attempt to remove such deficiencies as soon as possible.

Delta Business Properties is not responsible for any material or non-material damage, direct or indirect, which may arise from using the website and its content. Moreover, our website may contain links to other websites which are independent of Delta Business Properties and therefore are not subject to this Privacy Policy and terms of use. Delta Business Properties is not in control of or responsible for the content, terms of use, privacy policy or security of any other websites.


Underage visitors to the website

All underage visitors to the website are obliged to obtain the permission of their parents or custodians before giving us any personal information. Underage users without such permission will not be allowed to give any personal information.


 Amendments to the Privacy Policy and terms of website use

Delta Business Properties reserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy and terms of this website use at any moment.

We would like to ask you to visit this website periodically in order to get acquainted with the currently applicable terms of use.